Yabber is a private social network for you and your roommates.

Stay in touch, manage your place, and pay each other back (now with Apple Pay!)

See how thousands of college students are using Yabber to make living with roommates even better.

Yabber is a free, private social network for you and your roommates to stay in touch, keep track of expenses and bills, and manage your house all in one place. Whether you're in a house, an apartment, or even in the dorms, Yabber makes roommate life easier and more fun.

Stay in touch

The Yabber timeline is a group chat designed specifically for roommates. With just a single tap you can share your location, let your roommates know you're heading home, or even let them know when you need some "privacy."

Split expenses and bills

Yabber automatically keeps a running tally of how much each roommate spends, so you can pay each other back in one big payment instead of trying to keep track of a bunch of little ones.

You can send and receive money with just your debit cards using Apple Pay.

See what's in the pantry

Add items and chores to the shared pantry list, to keep track of everything you need in your home and mark off when its been completed.

Never forget trash day again

Yabber keeps track of scheduled, recurring events so you don't have to. You get reminded when tomorrow is trash day, when you need to move your car for street sweeping, or when your rent payment is coming up. You can also add your own reminders for things like parties, dinners, or people coming by.